Your strategic business partner with that outside view to grow your business.


Staff Development

  • Trained Employees are 6 times more effective than untrained.
  • We know that Edu-tainment works. Keep the delivery professional but light enough with no stress and still learn key points of efficiency.


  • We know that good marketing is memorable.
  • Marketing messages can be retained
  • Image and Branding lead to industry recognition.

Business Consulting

More than marketing, a business often needs fine tuning in staff understanding of the company focus and thrust. When the staff clearly understands the true meaning of the image and branding, all communication in the industry is clear and concise. We can coach the staff with internal marketing to understand the focus and thrust.


Special focus on Proprietary Systems

The focused side of Staff Development centers on specialized systems training. We back that with a seasoned experience with Microsoft Office.


Weekly Reports

Your specially selected team will meet with you no less than once per week to provide status updates on the progress of the program design for you specific goals.


Easy to Use Tools

Your program is designed specifically for your team and your goals.